Friday, November 30, 2007

November 28 & 29

On Wednesday November 28th, Mark and I, along with Carol, headed to the Geelong waterfront. This is the area that Carol lives. We took a nice walk along the boardwalk and had lunch at a waterfront cafe. I could really get used to this lifestyle!!

On November 29th, Carol took us for a drive along the Great Ocean Road. What BEAUTIFUL views we saw. It was incredible. It was also VERY windy and bendy and curvy and up and downy get the picture. However, it was all worth it with these STUNNING photos...

Next up - our day in Melbourne!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here are some pictures that everyone has been requesting.

The first batch of picutres is from KATOOMBA - THE THREE SISTERS. It is a beautiful mountain area in NSW - about and hour west of Sydney. It is incredibly pretty there. Enjoy the photos:

The second batch is from a little seaside town outside of Melbourne called Barwon Heads in Victoria. You can see how pretty it is too!

Friday, November 23, 2007

G'Day Mates!!

G'Day from Down Under!!!

Mark and I have arrived safely in Australia!!

We left Toronto on Thursday November 22nd. We left our house and it took over an hour to get to the airport when it usually takes about 15 minutes. The weather was horrible! We made it in to the termial and they were checking us in (a mere 20 minutes before the flight closed) and asked Mark about his Australian visa. They said he didn't have one. I had one but he didn't. It was odd because Mark did both of them together! They said another one would be $25 - we said go ahead. The counter lady said that we couldn't just do that because if there were two visas with the same name it would freeze both of the visas. CRAP - time was creeping by. She tried to re-enter the visa - but Mark's middle name was causing a problem as in one place was the initial and other was the name.

A supervisor was called to investigate. We were getting many dirty looks from the people in the line because we were holding it up and occupying the time of the ONLY check in lady.

Finally the supervisor comes back and says that we are good to go - we had to RUSH through American customs and immigration and make it to the gate. They were boarding. We get on the plane and everything seems good. Then they announce that we have to go for de-icing...we sat in line to be de-iced for THREE HOURS!!!! I was thinking by this point that we should just turn around and go home! They turned on the entertainment system and I watched 1 1/2 movies before we took off!!

We made it to LAX and only had 3 hours, instead of 6 hours, to blow there and it went by fairly quickly. We went through Auckland to Sydney.

We were picked up by friends and are currently at their place. We have had a shower and are refreshed and getting ready to go out!

From leaving our house to arriving in Sydney was 31 hours!! Can you say TIRED!

Currenlty it is 11:32 am Saturday morning - that makes is 7:32pm Friday night in Toronto.

I am wearing shorts and although it is raining a bit - it is WARM!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I am alive...

Hello Readers,
That is if there are any of you left out there...

I have not been in a blogging mood of late. Don't specifically know why - just spending my time doing other things during my computer time I guess. I still read your blogs but I just don't seem to have the...I don't even know what I would call comment on most of them.

We are coming up to our 1 year LID Anniversary and I don't feel ANY closer to Pumpkin. She doesn't even seem real. The tunnel has disappeared again let alone the light at the end of it with our adoption.

I PROMISE that things will get MUCH more exciting on this blog SOON!! I PROMISE!!

As for now - today was a FANTASTIC day!! An EXCITING day!! A GREAT day!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

11 Month LID Anniversary!

Today marks our 11 month LID Anniversary!

In some ways the 11 months have passed INCREDIBLY quickly and in other ways it has just DRAGGED...

We have met many WONDERFUL people and we are very lucky to have formed some lifelong friendships.

Two of those people are Dolores & Shawn who are in our travel group! We wish them a happy 11 month LID anniversary fact - we are going out for dinner with them tonight to celebrate!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Support A Friend!

I have a friend who has started her own business. She has taken the leap and become an entrepreneur.

I am impressed!

She has started a line of NATURAL bath and body products. She makes them all herself and I have tried the products and they are LOVELY!

She has lip balms, body scrubs, refresher spray, bath salts, bath fizzies, body oil, body salve, bubble bath, shower gel and soaps.

The prices are VERY reasonable!

Take a minute to drop by her site and check it out!

or click HERE

There is also a link on the side bar!

I know she'd appreciate it!