Monday, April 06, 2009

28 Months...

28 months ago we officially "got in line" to adopt our daughter from China. 28 months later, I forgot that it was our LIDversary - I had to read it on Dolores and Shawn's blog. I missed month 27 all together.

As Dolores said, I am beginning to wonder if this adoption will ever really happen. Dolores also mentioned that we are further behind today then we were when we started this...all true statements.

I know people around say YES it will happen...but I really am not depending on it. "They" have been talking about a speed up for 2 YEARS now...still haven't seen it...the line just gets longer and longer and longer.

I want to say that I will wait for as long as it takes for my baby girl to come home, however, I think that a 7 year wait might be a little too long - even for me.

Time will tell...

Dolores - you asked if we were in a better space...I don't think so. We miss you and hope you come home soon!!