Monday, February 21, 2011


I find it hard sometimes to come up with something new and exciting to make and eat. Dinners are difficult getting home from work and preparing and cooking and sitting down at a reasonable time to eat.

I am not a big recipe person. There always seems to be far too many ingredients in each recipe and inevitably, you are missing one or two items.

We make a weekly meal plan - while making the weekly plan I make the grocery shopping list. I was never a fan of this much planning, but let me tell you, it certainly makes a difference in reducing the stress I feel during the day trying to figure out what to eat. Stopping at the grocery store on the way home from work and, many times, not having everything I need - or too much. I was continually asking my work mates what they were having for dinner to get ideas.

The amount of food that we throw out or waste now is almost nothing. I cannot say how much of difference it has made.

Anyway, Sunday morning we were sitting down to make the menu/list as usual and I just couldn't come up with something for dinner on Monday (today). Since we were home today - Family Day - I wanted to make a more elaborate meal as I would be home and have the time to prepare.

I sat down at the computer and went to Kraft Canada and went to the dinner recipes and it popped up on the screen. It looked good and didn't have too many ingredients and I declared that to be dinner on Monday night.

Well let me tell you - it was FANTASTIC!!!

The ingredients:
pork, vegetables, broccoli slaw, garlic powder, soy sauce & Asian salad dressing

Another angle:

Meat cooking (I don't know why the upload changes the direction of the photo):

Adding the vegetables:

Adding the sauce:

Adding the broccoli slaw:

The finished product:

We chose to serve it on rice and let me tell you - VERY ENJOYABLE!

The 'real' recipe can be found here

Let me know if you try it and what you thought - I would definitely recommend it!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I am a busy woman. I am generally on time. I have little patience for showing up for a professional appointment and having to wait. I have things to do, places to go and people to see too.

Today I had a dentist appointment. I received an e-mail reminder last week telling me that my appointment was at 2:50. Well my little ‘tooth’ card said 2:30. So I responded to the e-mail saying that I was told that my appointment was 2:30 and would they please clarify because I didn’t want to be sitting in their waiting room waiting.

Someone responded and said that yes it was 2:30 and I was to have x-rays and I would see the hygienist at 2:50.

I then confirmed that I would be there for 2:30.

So I made arrangements at work to leave early for my appointment. I showed up there at 2:20 for my appointment. My first clue should have been when the receptionist said “Wow – you are early”. I said not really. She said o.k.

So I sat in the waiting room and at 2:45 they came to get me to do the x-rays. They were complete about 2:55. The x-ray lady told me to go back in the waiting room and it would be 5 or 10 minutes until I see the hygienist. I said PARDON? My appointment was 5 minutes ago. She said no. You were early for your x-rays so we took you early.

I went to the waiting room and was seething. She came out to tell me that my x-rays were scheduled for 2:50 and my appointment with the hygienist at 3:10. I just about lost it!!!

I said that I was a busy woman and I was told that my appointment was at 2:50 with the hygienist. She kept saying NO. I also told her that had an appointment and other things to do and I expected to be seen on time. She apologized and retreated. I could hear her talking to another lady in the back about me.

I pulled out my phone, and searched for the e-mail. I found the e-mail just about the time that the hygienist came to get me at 3:15!!! I and showed her. She just looked at it stunned and apologized profusely. I then said that I have another engagement and I have to be out of here at 4:00. Not out of the chair but out of the building paid and next appointment made. She would have to alter whatever she was going to do to ensure that that was the case.

I was almost in tears at this time. My voice was cracking and I was ‘this close’ to just turning around and walking out. Then I was mad at myself for letting this get to me, but if I didn’t leave on time, I would have been late for my next appointment and I had already established that I don’t like to be late.

If someone else is late, their appointment should be shortened - I shouldn't be made to wait.

I should mention that I have had issues before with the dentist running behind and appointment times getting screwed up.

So I pretty much had the shortest hygienist visit ever. There was just a very basic cleaning done and my next appointment was made while I was still in the chair and my invoice was printed and waiting for me when I got to the front to pay. I was out the door at 4:03. However, I assured them that next time I wouldn’t be waiting and I would be walking.