Friday, June 26, 2009



I am going to be spending a LOT of time at my computer today hitting the refresh button...

Rumours are out there that some people with a March 21st and March 23rd LID have received referrals.

My very good friend Catherine has an LID of March 23rd.

Could this be true? Could this be happening?

If so - my other very good friends Doris and Dan are right around the corner with an LID of March 28th.

It is certainly an exciting time for me - well and for them of course!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Dream

The other night I had a dream. I woke up from this dream SWEATING and a little bit freaking out...

In my dream, Catherine and Doris and I all received referrals at the same time - THIS MONTH! Now Catherine and Doris have a March '06 LID and I have a December '06 LID. In this dream, the CCA*A would randomly pick someone with a later LID and 'surprise' them with an early referral.

I was the one randomly picked!!


They referred us TRIPLETS!! YES TRIPLETS!!!

I started freaking out! THREE babies!! I wasn't ready, I wasn't prepared, what were we going to do...

Then I woke up.

Interesting dream!! Perhaps I should go and buy a lottery ticket...

Saturday, June 06, 2009

30 Month LID

Well another month has passed. I can't even say another month closer because Pumpkin keeps getting further away.

Some months are better then others.

However, not even being 1/2 yet and with an estimated 62 MORE months...well it is hard to even try and keep up appearances anymore...

On the plus side - we have 62 more months to REALLY get to know Dolores and Shawn before we travel together!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I was out recently with a married friend. While we were out, she mentioned that he husband ‘bought’ her an outfit for the baby. She also mentioned that a couple of weeks prior, he had paid for the groceries because she was low on cash. I have seen married couples go to a restaurant and each pay for their own. All these things are different then what Mark and I do or how we handle our money.

This lead me to thinking, how do couples handle their finances. Do couples have HIS and HERS money? Does a certain percentage – based on what is earned – go into a communal pot? Is a set amount put in a joint account each payday? Is one partner responsible for this, this and this, while the other is responsible for that, that and that?

It intrigues me to learn how and or why other couples handle things the way they do.

Mark and I have one pot. It all goes in the one pot. Yes we have savings and pay bills etc, but the money that comes in is OURS. We discuss large purchases before they are made, but otherwise, we both spend what we want to spend. That said, we are basically both on the same wavelength about what we will spend our money on. Neither of us is going to go crazy and spend a bunch on money on anything. If I want to go out for lunch or dinner with friends, then that is what I do. If he wants to pitch in for a gift for someone at work, then that is what he does. It all basically works out. We don’t keep track of who spent what.

What do other couples out there do? Please feel free to answer anonymously if you don’t want to be identified.

I would LOVE to hear how others do it.