Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Really?? - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

You've got to be FRACKING kidding me!!!

There is a website out there - CHINA ADOPTION FORECAST that predicts, based on the previous patterns, when you can expect your referral.

The last batch of referrals - released this week - was for FOUR days. With 229 days from April 21, 2006 (current date they have processed up to) and our LID - the prediction is: MARCH 2015!!!

Only two months ago it was October 2013 - how quickly things can change.

This date means for us:
- An almost 9 year wait for our daughter - at this point in time.
- An extra $6000 (at this point in time) in fees from our agency
- Pretty much NO HOPE left that we will ever see her face
- A brain that just can't process this any more

Time for our thinking caps - do we want to stay in a program that is virtually dead? Do we believe that this will ever happen? Can we mentally keep our heads where they should be to see this through? Do we want to be that age that we will be when and if this ever happens to bring our daughter into our family? How much faith do we put in this website? How much faith do we put in the CCAA that they won't end the program? How much faith do we keep in the CCAA that they MIGHT speed up?

How much longer do we keep this portion of our life on hold for a dream that might never come true?

We are running out of faith quickly...