Saturday, September 19, 2009


This afternoon we are going to a friends house for a gathering. It is a pot luck. Among other things, we are bringing dessert. Part of that dessert is brownies. I was in the kitchen and I prepared the brownies and put them in the oven. I then puttered about and did some other things while they were baking. Gathered other things that we needed.

I don't like to venture too far away from the oven or the timer when I am baking. I have been known to go upstairs and putter and then not hear the timer and forget all about what I was making.

So I was on the main floor and the timer went. I proceeded to the kitchen and opened the oven, had on my oven mitts and pulled the brownies out of the oven.

They were jiggly. Brownies shouldn't be jiggly. That is a bad sign.

I then really looked at the brownies and not only were they jiggly, they were totally uncooked.

I forgot to turn on the oven...


So now I am still here on the main floor, waiting for the brownies - in the turned ON oven - to bake. We are supposed to leave at 2:00...I am not thinking that that is going to happen!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

33 Month LID - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Well Sunday was our 33 month LID. I forgot...

I read about it on Dolores and Shawn's blog.

Then I forgot about it again.

Now I remembered and thought it was a good excuse to do a blog post.

On the down side, we received a notification from our agency stating that with the lengthening time lines, and if things continue as they are, we can expect a referral in the later part of 2015!!

Oh yes I did write 2015!! That would be a 9 year wait. 9 years when we signed up for 18 months.


On the positive side, we should BE with Dolores and Shawn for our next one!!!