Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Now...

Things just keep getting better and better financially with us over here!!

As you may recall from the previous post, our agency has demanded $1200/year to "maintain" our adoption file. Still a bit sketchy on what they need to do and the number of staff they need to do it but whatever...

And now, the condo that we live in has advised us of a special assessment that is required of each home to fix the water mains in the entire complex. The bill for that is $6000!! per unit.

Husband didn't get a raise this year with the economy and all. We are wanting to move to a new house - still are required to pay the $6000 before we do. Don't know if the move will ever happen now.

Expenses have increased and the money is flying out the window faster than ever before.

Our agency is going to have to wait for their money, else a lien will be placed against my house.

Things suck when you have to choose between a house and a family. However, if there is no house for the family to live in, what is the point?

Sorry for the bitchy post - I am in a bitchy mood!!