Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Can't be Serious!!

In January 2006 we began our journey to our daughter from China.

During that time, there have been many ups and downs in relation to our adoption. As time went on, the ‘downs’ significantly outweighed the ups.

A while ago – maybe a year or two – our agency instituted a new fee that they called an ‘administration fee’. They ‘sold’ the fee by saying that things in China were slowing down and they needed the money to develop and look into new programs in international adoption. I was furious. I really don’t care about other programs, I care about MY program. This admin fee was used to keep my file active also. My file is sitting on a shelf in China and has been since December 6, 2006. I honestly don’t know what they are required to do with my file over there.


On Friday afternoon – at 3:38pm, we – and others from our agency – received an e-mail from the board of directors informing us that the ‘admin’ fee has just been increased by 500% to $1200/year – EFFECTIVE MONDAY!!


SOOO – The cost has increased 500% in the last two years – who is to say that it isn’t going to increase another 500% in the next year or the year after. Who is to say an ADDITIONAL $20,000 later there will be a baby at the end. Who is to say that after our agency has bled us dry we will be afford to travel to China. Who is to say that after this blackmail and if it gets paid, our agency goes bankrupt what then?

I am LIVID – that doesn’t even seem to be the word that fits. With an anticipated five year wait still ahead of us, that is an additional $6000 - at THIS point in time - on an adoption that may or may not even happen!!!

There were no cost cutting measures added or included with the e-mail. No reductions in pay, no 4 day work week, no changing offices to pay less rent, no asking for volunteers instead of paying staff, no NOTHING – well except for the demand for money to cover whatever…

We can’t call and complain either, as they have been instructed (and this started a while ago) to not talk to clients if they get irate – they are told to hang up on us. They apparently don’t have to deal with the problems caused by anything.

So what happens to our file if our agency DOES go under? Anyone know? Right now I am not sure that I care about any of it anyway. Anyone else had additional fees instituted by their agency?