Thursday, April 24, 2008

Can it be true???

Apparently we are out of the Review Room!! We have not officially been informed by our agency, nor have they updated their website to say so, but EVERYONE out there in cyber world knows that it is true!!

OMG! I am in shock! It only too 16 3/4 months to get there!

What this means is that our file has been reviewed and scrutinized by the people in China and we have been found worthy. You can read more about it here.

Next step is the MATCHING ROOM! How exciting is that! Our file IS IN THE MATCHING ROOM!

There is still a LONG road ahead of us, but I am glad to report that we have taken another step in the right direction.

Congratulations to Dolores & Shawn who have also made it through!! PHEW!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It started out all so innocently…

We have a piece of furniture. We wanted it refinished. We made a call. A ‘guy’ came out to the house for a FREE ESTIMATE. He was to be there between 6:00 – 8:00. He drove in at 7:05pm

That is where things got...ODD. He sat in his car for about 5 minutes. Got out of his car, stood beside the car, got back in the car, got out of the car, took his ‘bag’ out of the car and FINALLY made it to our door.

He walked in and we told him that we were going in the basement and he should leave his shoes on. He said that something things get on the bottom of his shoes and he proceeded to lift up each foot so we could inspect the soles. He then took his coat off and HANDED it to Mark.

I was in the kitchen organizing dinner. We didn’t want to be eating while he was there, so when we saw him pull in, I started getting things ready – as a quote would only take about 10 or 15 minutes...right???

Well Joe – that was his name – was heading downstairs with Mark to see the chest of drawers. He first stopped in our living room and looked around. LOOKED AROUND and made COMMENTS!! What is up with that??

FINALLY he headed for the stairs and SLOWLY made his way down. Did I mention he was old? He was – VERY old – I cut him some slack…at first.

He gets to the bottom step and I am behind him. He takes one step and stops. Just stops. I am trapped. I can’t go anywhere. There is no space to go around him. He just STARES at the chest of drawers. Just stares.

I should also mention that Joe had a bad back. Mark had to carry his bag down the stairs for him...fine.

Joe FINALLY moved. Yet he still stared at the furniture. Then he started talking. He has a 21 year old daughter. She goes to Carleton University. They live in a 3 bedroom house. He lives in Oakville. He has a friend with the same last name as us – but spelled differently. He has a buddy who bought a golf course. He used to live in Elk Lake. His wife is taking the day off tomorrow. He is 77. He still has a mortgage. Wife still works too, etc, etc, etc...

By this time – I couldn’t take it anymore. I went upstairs. I could still hear him talking. Mark asked if he could quote and Joe said – don’t rush me. I have to look at this still. Yet – Joe kept talking and talking and talking…

Then he FINALLY got out his glasses – or wanted to...they were in his coat. Mark ran up to get the coat. Joe kept talking. Then the glasses were on and then the staring resumed. He guessed that the chest was older then he was. I really don’t know if it is or not, but it is old.

Then he needed a tape measure. He couldn’t find it in his bag. His wife must have taken it out to use it. She does that sometimes. We went and got one of our tape measures. Mark had to measure. Joe has a bad back – can’t bend over.

Joe was unsure – had to make a phone call.

He has now been there for 35 minutes and NOTHING – no quote, no estimate NOTHING!

Mark came upstairs while Joe was making his call. Then Joe came upstairs and headed for our UPSTAIRS – he wanted to use the washroom – His Tim Horton’s had gone right through him and he need to relieve himself.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO – there is a washroom in the basement – use that one I said. I was starting to get creeped out by the guy – I didn’t want him staring at our bedrooms and making comments. ICK!

When he went back down, I told Mark to tell him to leave. I didn’t care about the quote, I didn’t want him in my house any more – he needed to go.

Mark went downstairs and Joe said – I should be done in about 20 minutes – WHAT??? He had been there fro 50 minutes already!!!

Mark was getting to his wits end too – AND we were both getting hungry as it was now after 8:00 and still no dinner.

Mark went down to the basement and told Joe that he had to leave. Joe seems flustered. Then SUDDENLY when he was told to leave – he was able to pop out a number for us. Being as we are a young couple he will give us a $300 discount and do the refinishing for the bargain basement price of $1800!!! We almost fell over! I could buy a whole bedroom suite for that price!!

Needless to say, the next quote, we will ask how long it takes BEFORE they arrive at our house.

Live and learn!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The day that went from BAD to GREAT!

Last night I went to bed. Fell asleep pretty quickly. I usually do. However, it is when I wake up that I have trouble getting back to sleep. Last night was no exception. I woke up to pee. As I got back in bed and I was trying to get comfortable again, I "realized" that it was FRIDAY night and I didn't turn my alarm clock OFF. So I did - turn it off that is. This was about 2:00am.

I finally fell back to sleep. I woke up with a JOLT about 3:45am because I JUST realized that it was NOT Friday night, but instead ONLY MONDAY...sigh...You know it is going to be LONG week when...

Sadly I had to get up AGAIN and turn my alarm clock BACK ON. Getting back to sleep again after that was a chore. Eventually I did as the alarm DID wake me up promptly at 6:00...

Up I get. Get to work. Try to look alert. Try to stay awake. I was thinking - this is going to be a LONG day and not a particularity good one.

HOWEVER, then I got some news that made me jump up and down!! I am happy!!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bad Week??

I must have had a bad week. When I go back and read what I have written...

In my next life/next job - I am going to be a Driving Tester. One of those people who test people to get their drivers licences.

I can tell you - there will be a LOT less stupid and oblivious drivers on the road! A LOT LESS!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I am pissed...

I am on the Board of Directors for our condo corporation. In fact I have just been voted on to the board again for a 3rd term. This will be my 7th year on the board. I have been PRESIDENT for 6 of those 7 years.

I enjoy being on the board. I want to know where my condo fees are going. I want to have a say on what happens here. I want to be in 'the know'...

I however am on ONE member of the board. I cannot make a solo decision. Everything needs a majority from the members of the board. There are 5 members so that means that 3 of them have to agree to pass something. On my own I cannot do anything. I am a member of this community. When I am not 'working' on the board I am just a resident - just like everyone else.

Our corporation is run by a Property Management company. We pay them to do the 'dirty work' basically. We tell them what we want and they do it. They do a GREAT job. We do not hover. We have had NO REASON to ever question them.

Because I am a member of the board, I get MUCH unwanted conversation in my direction. I have people knowing on my door asking questions, wanting clarification for things, sharing their concerns etc. They stop me as I am getting out of my car, hands full of groceries. The corner me when I am running across to my sisters house in my comfy clothes for a gab. I am generally good with this. I know that it helps them to understand what is going on. It helps them that someone is listening and it helps them that someone is going to raise their issues to the board.

However - there is a point in time when i am SICK of it!! Like today for instance....

I came home from work to find a letter in my mailbox from a member of the community. This is not unusual, but today's letter pissed me off. I was personally attacked and the person who wrote the letter stated that as a member of the Board I should be setting an example and not be an offender of this particular NON violation. Not that I disagree, however there are circumstances as to WHAT she was referring to. What she is referring to is not in our rulebook. It is not set in stone. She is NOT the judge of me. I guarantee you that she did NOT put a letter in everyone else's mailbox who were offenders of this NON rule - guarantee it!

I am pissed. Mark is pissed. She does not know what she speaks of, yet we are both boiling inside.

I have contacted the Property manager. He will attend and pick up the offensive letter from my mailbox and craft a response to lady and send it from the corporation. I am DONE dealing with her. She has NEVER had anything nice to say EVER and all she ever does is bitch - hands are clean - I am DONE with her.

I am better now - just needed to get that off my chest...PHEW!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Happy Birthday DORIS!!!

I hope you have a fantastic day - you deserve it!!

So glad I was able to celebrate with you this weekend!!

Second note to self - still haven't learned how to do cool stuff with the pictures...

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another Month Down..

Well today is our 16 month LID - I forgot!!!

I can't believe I forgot!! As others have said - I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing!

I certainly was distracted this weekend - so that is a good thing.

The fact that every month our daughter seems further away - is a bad thing.

I HOPE that at the end of this journey we have a daughter, but as the time CREEPS by at an INCREDIBLY slow pace - I am less and less sure.

On that happy note...I would also like to congratulate Dlolores & Shawn for keeping their sanity this long!! They are our friends and travel mates.

They are great missed greatly since their big move...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Fun Times!!

We are here in Kingston having a GREAT time!!

However - I don't have the time to blog at this moment.

K1 and Catherine have had a moment (not quite sure HOW the have had a moment...) to put a few words and pictures together - go there and check out what we have been up to!!

Friday, April 04, 2008


Please join me in wishing K1 the happiest birthday ever!!!

Enjoy your day!!

Can't wait to celebrate with you!!

Note to self - learn how to do fancy stuff with pictures and things for occasions just like this one!