Friday, April 15, 2011

First Timer!

Wednesday, for the first time ever, I donated blood!!

Let me back up and explain why it too so long for me to do it.

When I was a child, I had hepatitis. I was sick and I honestly don't even remember having it as I was that ill. If someone hadn't told me that I had had it, I wouldn't even know.

As far as I understood, I was sick enough for my brain to block it all out. To this day I don't remember the 'bad' parts. I do remember when I was on the mend and I was allowed to go outside for the first time in FOREVER. I went over to the neighbours house and she and another neighbour friend were making a snowman. I went over to play and join them.

They yelled that I had cooties and ran away and wouldn't play with me. It was traumatic. THAT is my memory of having hepatitis.

But I digress...

I was always led to believe that I couldn't donate blood. I never really investigated it. A few years ago I made a call to Canadian B1ood Services and asked a few questions and they said that no I couldn't donate. However, if I wanted to go through a battery of test and documents and paperwork then they would investigate it for me. I left it at that.

However, on Wednesday our work had it's quarterly blood donor drive and I went up to talk to a nurse. She pulled out this HUGE book and looked through it and informed me that if I had had hepatitis before I was 11 then I eligible to donate!

YAY!! I was in grade 4 when I was sick and was about 8 or 9 - certainly not 11.

I filled out all the paperwork required and took the plunge! Really how can you not when you can do it during you work day and all I had to do was walk up a flight of stairs!

I felt so good and lucky that I was healthy enough to donate to someone who was in need.

What a great day! I even got a sticker, cookies and juice!!


3D said...

That is awesome!! Good for you! I have never given...I want to but I can't.

Keep smilin!

D and S said...

Good for you! As someone who was the recipient of a blood donation I thank you.

Now that being said, I should also look into donating to pay it forward.

Catherine said...

Yay! Good for you! SO many people depend on donations and it's wonderful that you're able to donate.

Our workplace hosts clinics too in the atrium that is open to the rest of the building. It's kinda weird the first time you donate but you get used to it and people don't hang out and look down at you anyway.

The funniest comment I ever herd though (I work for the Ministry of Revenue) was some guy who came into our building and said, 'Whoa! You guys are serious about collecting taxes! If people don't pay you take it out in blood!' LOL!!

Welcome to the land of blood donors! You're doing such a great thing!

Two Kayaks said...

So proud of you! I give every 56 days and feel privileged to do it. Too bad you don't have the old Irish volunteer where you are who hits on every woman who donates. Last time, he told me he'd "weaken me in a minute". Just one of the perks.