Saturday, January 21, 2012


Just realized that other than yesterday, I hadn't updated this blog since May 2011. I am sure that most of the people that read this blog have given up on me.

Let me see what has happened.

We sold our house

We bought a new house in a new town and we LOVE IT! The house is great, the street is a quiet little crescent.

The drive to work is a little longer for me, but the house is worth it. So far this winter we have been lucky with the weather so it hasn't been an issue.

We have a garage in the new house - let me tell you I certainly appreciate it in the winter! We park both of our cars in there.

It has been 6 years since we started on our journey to adopt.

We have been logged in for just over 5 years.

Still after 5 years, there is no end in sight.

We are happy in our lives.

We have a great family and wonderful friends that really are family that complete out lives.

Life is good!


Michele said...

Yes I am STILL here waiting for you too. I'm really glad to know that you are happy but one day......Hugs!

K said...

We still follow and are so happy you love your new home! When your LID turn comes up we do hope you add a miracle to your already happy life but understand your decision could go either way. Enjoy every second of yoru new home!

Catherine said...

So happy to be a part of your wonderful lives!

Lurve your new house!!

Lurve you!!

Debbie Sauer said...

Hang in there! Blessings

4D said...

Sucks horribly but it is made slightly better by knowing me I am sure....heart you!

Keep smilin!

kitchu said...

I love that you updated here! Where are they with referrals anyway? I don't keep up anymore but hope you are nearing the end of this wait!

dawn said...

Ok so either you need to update, it's nearly been a year or invite me to be a friend on facebook. I know you know my last name and I don't know yours. PLEASE!